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Thanks for empathizing, book-launch audiences, when I confessed: I’d thought I could sidestep all that colonialism baggage by calling myself treaty ally and kin, not realizing the baggage was inside me.

The power dynamic of colonialism and white superiority was like a gravitational forcefield where I naturally assumed I knew what was real and important. I started breaking out of it by learning to really listen and relate to the Nishnaabeg I spent the last five years working with. I sat with my discomfort and the powerlessness at NOT knowing. And then the breakthroughs came. As I came to appreciate and respect the Nishnaabeg’s different way of thinking, being and doing things, it changed my thinking. It’s opened my mind and heart to how we CAN share this land and, together, address the crises of our times.

Thanks too, for buying so many books; selling out at one place!

I hope others will buy the book at their local bookstore. One option for buying online is getting it straight from the publisher.

If you’re moved by my story, spread the word; even post a review on Goodreads, though you have to jump through some hoops to register before you can post it.