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Here’s  us line-dancing women on Gabriola, B.C. We’re taking up the Jerusalema Dance Challenge that’s been going around the world to raise joy during the Covid pandemic.
The song was composed by South African musician Master KG, and performed by Nomcebo.

I’m glad I took part in this act of resistance: pushing back against the toll the pandemic is taking on us all; countering the disconnection as our eyes peer over the tops of masks, as we reach out to touch and can safely connect only with the cool plastic bits on our keypads and keyboards.It felt good to stomp the gravel and dirt ground of the parking lot where we danced. We kept masked and apart, but were in sync and able to feel the energy rising among us. We danced the energy of connection despite everything, reviving a sense of joy and love and community in our lives, reminding us how important these things are.
There’s over 40 of us women line dancers in the video. I’m the one in a turquoise jacket and long white hair.

I hope the joy comes through and inspires you to do something similar wherever you live.
Stay well and in good heart.