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Computers on the JobComputers on the Job: Surviving Canada’s Microcomputer Revolution
Heather Menzies

In offices, factories and stores across Canada – as the microcomputer is being put to work – more and more people are feeling the effects of the fastest technological revolution in history. In Computers on the Job, Heather Menzies explains, in clear, non-technical terms, how the microcomputer, or chip, is unleashing the full potential of computers. Employers can automate many routine jobs and transform others – sometimes for the benefit of the employee, sometimes not.

The book focuses on several key areas:

  • office work: in insurance companies, banks and corporate offices, word processors and data banks are making traditional equipment – and jobs – obsolete
  • the “Information Society”: how new technologies like the videotex may transform the organization of work and everyday life
  • career paths: what are the options for education and job opportunities in a computerized working world?

From the automated office to the factory of the future, Computers on the Job explains the challenges and promises of the new computer age and provides a guide to survival and success in the microcomputer revolution.

Published by: Lorimer, January 1, 1982 • ISBN: 0888625537