Educational Videos and Radio Commentary:

2012. The White Poppy Debate on CBC's The Current Heather Menzies speaks to CBC host Jim Brown and Legion spokesperson Joanne Henderson about the White Poppy on November 9, 2012.

Listen to the interview (starts at 16:09)

2011. "No more war," said Heather Menzies at a White Poppy ceremony at the Ottawa Cenotaph on November 11, 2011. See the Youtube video.

2000. CBC Ideas. “The Inexperience of Time.”

1998. CBC Ideas. “The Progress Myth.”

1994-97. "Canada in the Global Village." 12 one-hour documentary-style videos.

1996-1997."Adjust the Image/Ajustez l'image s.v.p." Four 20-minute discussion-starter videos on the overmedication of seniors.

1986. "The Soul of a Scientist: Ursula Franklin: A Profile of Dr. Ursula Franklin," (writer and director), Instructional Media Services, Carleton University.

1985."Women's Work and Automation," (writer), Instructional Media Services, Carleton University.