Public Speaker Testimonials

“Heather Menzies brings a calm, yet powerful manner to her speaking. She was a highlight at the Health Work & Wellness™ Conference 2007: Conquering the CHAOS, providing a thought-provoking keynote which described the stress and technological chaos in our workplaces today as the social equivalent of global warming. Heather walks her talk, preferring to have an open and honest discussion with delegates versus a high tech presentation, and has the ability to engage a large audience. As a result of the discussion at her session, participants committed to increase face time in their workplaces, have electronic black-out periods and to block off time just to “think.” Heather’s keynote was the perfect way to open the conference and get a much-needed dialogue started about how to conquer the chaos in our workplaces.”
                         Deborah Connors, President, Health Work & Wellness™

“The highlight for me was Heather Menzies. She is a tour de force. I attended her workshop on Friday afternoon and marvelled as she engaged a large audience. Heather is a facilitator who understands that the show is about the audience, not herself.”

“Heather Menzies is a passionate speaker with a deep commitment to social justice.”
Ed Broadbent

"Combining stories with argument, Heather is an entertaining speaker and provocative writer."
Brian Campbell, Canadian Library Association

"Heather Menzies had the packed house of mainly bureaucrats in the palm of her hand with her provocative and powerful presentation."
                        Michael Williamson, Government on the Net

“In Heather Menzies’ address to the Canadian Associate of Distance Education, Learning Communities and the Information Highway, she anticipated critical issues around the rapidly expanding use of communication technologies. The over 500 conference delegate attendees received her message enthusiastically, and continued discussing her ideas throughout the conference.

Those issues are now more pervasive and invasive than ever; but, like the proverbial camel with its nose in the tent, they have been accepted with little critical analysis. That’s why we need Heather Menzies’ insight, to remind us of how much we’re adapting ourselves to our technologies, rather than the other way around, and to help us envision more human and interconnected alternatives to the wired world .”
                        Jennifer O’Rourke, CADE

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