Heather Menzies
Independent Scholar, Adjunct Research Professor & Sessional Lecturer
Email: hmenzies@ccs.carleton.ca


B.A. in Sociology, McGill University (1970)
Pre-Masters courses in Political Science
Pre-Masters courses in Sociology


1980 - Present. Self-employed, as writer, as speaker at national and international conferences, plus adjunct professor (School of Canadian Studies and Women’s Studies) and sessional lecturer at Carleton University, Ottawa.

1978-80. Policy and Research Assistant for a Member of Parliament.

1978-1980.Columnist with the Winnipeg Tribune.

1977-1978. Freelance Writer and Broadcaster. Wrote for the Winnipeg Tribune and Weekend Magazine, collaborated on a mini-documentary for the CBC TV and researched and wrote The Railroad's Not Enough.

1976-1977. Public Relations for the Canadian Wheat Board, Winnipeg.

1974-1976. Journalist with the Edmonton Journal.

1970-1973. Film Editor with National Cine Corporation, Montreal.


Goodwin National Magazine Award for "Rethinking Abortion" 1991


1998-2000. National Council, The Writers’ Union of Canada.

1983-1986. National Council, The Writers' Union of Canada (Toronto).

1980-1983. Member, Board of Directors, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (Ottawa).

1979-1981. Director, National Executive, Amnesty International Canada (English-speaking Branch).



2005. No Time: Stress and the Crisis of Modern Life. Toronto: Douglas & McIntrye.

1998. Canada in the Global Village. Montreal: McGill Queens Press.

1996. Whose Brave New World? The Information Highway & the New Economy. Toronto: Between the Lines Press.

1994. By the Labour of Their Hands: The Story of Ontario Cheddar Cheese. Kingston: Quarry Press.

1989. Fastforward and Out of Control: How Technology is Changing Your Life. Toronto: MacMillan of Canada.

1981. Computers on The Job: Surviving Canada's Microcomputer Revolution. Toronto: James Lorimer & Co.

1981.Women and the Chip: Case Studies on The Employment Effects of Microtechnology. Toronto: The Institute for Research on Public Policy.

1978. The Railroad's Not Enough: Canada Now. Toronto: Clarke, Irwin & Co.

Chapters in Books (selected):

2001. “On Digital Public Spaces and the Real Tragedy of the Commons”, in E-Commerce vs. E-Commons: Communications in the Public Interest, ed. Marita Moll and Leslie Regan Shade. Ottawa: Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.

2001. “When Roots Grow Back into the Earth,” in David R. Boyd (ed), Northern Wild: Best Contemporary Canadian Nature Writing, Vancouver: Greystone Books.

1999. The Bias of Space Revisited: the Internet and the Information Highway Through Women’s Eyes, pp. 322-338 in Harold Innis in the New Century: Reflections and Refractions, ed. Charles R. Acland and William J. Buxton. Montreal: McGill-Queen’s Press

1998. “Challenging Captialism in Cyberspace: The Information Highway, the Postindustrial Economy and People,” in R. McChesney, E.M. Wood & J.B. Foster (eds.), Capitalism and the Information Age: The Political Economy of the Global Communication Revolution, New York: Monthly Review Press.

1994. "War and the Continuum of Violence", in Caterina Edwards and Kay Stewart (eds.), Eating Apples: Knowing Women's Lives, Edmonton: NeWest Press.

1993. “Information Gathering and Confidentiality: Data bases, Monopolies of Knowledge and the Right to be informed," in K. and P. Mahoney (eds.) Human Rights in the 21st. Century: A Global Challenge. Dordrecht, Netherlands: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers.

1993. "Home on the Margin: A Feminist discussion of technology," in Geraldine Finn (ed.), Voices of Feminism. An Introduction to Feminism and Women's Studies, Toronto: Garamond Press.

Papers in refereed journals:

2000. "Cyberspace Time and Infertility: on Social Time and the Environment," Time & Society, Vol. 9(1).

2000, June. "Umbilical Chords and Digital Fibre Optics," The Gazette: International Journal of Communications.

1999, Winter."Technological Time and Infertility," Canadian Woman Studies/les cahiers de la femme.

1999, Autumn. "Digital Networks: The Medium of Globalization and the Message," Canadian Journal of Communication, 24, No.4.

1997, June. "Telework, Shadow Work: The privatization of work in the new digital economy," Studies in Political Economy.

1994, Spring. "Learning Communities & the Information Highway," Journal of Distance Education, Vol. IX, No.1.

Other journal/magazine articles (selected)

(2001, January). The Over-Extended Academic in the Global Corporate Economy”, with Janice Newson, CAUT Bulletin. URL: http://www.caut.ca/en/bulletin/issues/2001_jan/comment.asp

(2000, February 29). “Time to Chill out, Canada,” The Globe and Mail, A 15.

(1999, April). "A Multilateral Agreement on Survival," Canadian Forum.

(1995, Winter). "The Male Mystique: Infertility and Identity", Herizons.

(1994, June). "Hyping the Highway," The Canadian Forum, Vol. LXXIII, No. 830.

(1994, Fall). "When Roots Grow Back Into The Earth", The Trumpeter Journal of Ecosophy.

(1993, July/August). "Test-Tube Mothers Speak", The Canadian Forum, Vol. LXXII.

(1991, October). "Rethinking Abortion", The Canadian Forum, Vol. LXX. (Won Annual Goodwin Award for best feature in an alternative magazine.)

(1987, Summer). "Notes from the Margin," Alternatives.

(1987, May/June). "In his Image: Science and Technology as Ideology," This Magazine.

(1987, March/April). "Science for Everyone: Making it Happen," Crucible.

(1984, Fall). "Back to Grandma's Place," Canadian Woman Studies/Les cahiers de la femme.

(1984, March). "Women's Work is Nearly Done," This Magazine.

(1984, June). "A Chip on Her Shoulders," Broadside Magazine.

(1984, July/August). "Ecologizing Technological Change," ACCESS (The Association for the Advancement of Science in Canada).

(1982, April). "Transborder Data Flows: Silent Conquest," Canadian Business.

Book Reviews (selected)

1997, January. Nattering on the Net by Dale Spender in Herizons Magazine.

1984. Future Hype: The Tyranny of Prophecy by Max Dublin in The Globe and Mail.

Research Reports

2001-03. With Janice Newson. Time, Technology and Academic Work. Partly funded by SSHRC.

1998. Women and the Knowledge –Based Economy. Report commissioned by the Policy Analysis and Development and External Relations Directorate, Status of Women Canada. http://www.swc-cfc.gc.ca/pubs/kbeworkshop/womenkbes_e.html

Educational Videos and Radio Commentary

2000. CBC Ideas. “The Inexperience of Time.”

1998. CBC Ideas. “The Progress Myth.”

1994-97. "Canada in the Global Village." 12 one-hour documentary-style videos.

1996-1997."Adjust the Image/Ajustez l'image s.v.p." Four 20-minute discussion-starter videos on the overmedication of seniors.

1986. "The Soul of a Scientist: Ursula Franklin: A Profile of Dr. Ursula Franklin," (writer and director), Instructional Media Services, Carleton University.

1985."Women's Work and Automation," (writer), Instructional Media Services, Carleton University.

Conference Talks

Endowed public lectures

2002. Sabat Lecture, Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Fredericton, N.B.,
1997. Lutheran Life Lectures, Waterloo Lutheran Seminary, Waterloo, Ont.

Keynote Conference Talks

University of Windsor, Department of Philosophy. “Medium as

Association of Canadian Community Colleges, Winnipeg.

Joint Prairie Library Conference, Regina

Financial Management Institute of Canada

Symposium on Women and the Knowledge Based Economy/Society, sponsored by the Joint Chair in Women's Studies of the University of Ottawa and Carleton University held at the University of Ottawa.

Citizens at the Crossroads: Whose Information Society?, University of Western Ontario

Dimensions: The Extensions Of Marshall McLuhan, University of Toronto. "McLuhan as Flesh and Logo.”

Canadian Library Association, Toronto

Conference on Canadian Social Welfare Policy

Canadian Association of University Continuing Education

Canadian Council on Social Development

The Janus Project: New Learning Technologies for Women, Montreal. Sponsored by the Canadian Congress for Learning Opportunities for Women and the Office of Learning Technologies, Human Resources Development Canada.

Canadian Association for University Continuing Education.

Government Online, Ottawa

Financial Management Institute of Canada

Canadian Association of Distance Education

Government on the Net


Society of Graduates in Health Administration, 1997
Ontario Council for International Cooperation, 2000
Centre for Information Technology Innovation, Industry Canada.


Spring 1999. Simon Fraser University, Department of Communication, Issues in the Information Society

1998, Winter. McGill University, Graduate Program in Communication, Guest lecture series

MA Supervision (Peter Lester, 2000, Carleton University, Canadian Studies).

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