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Enter Mourning: A Memoir on Death, Dementia, & Coming Home

What readers are saying about Enter Mourning:

"It has broken my heart and made my heart sing at the same time."

"The author is a talented and gifted writer who provides the reader with an inside look at a very personal, challenging and rewarding journey."

"Heather Menzies's chronicle of her own coming to terms with her mother's dementia is a very personal and complex story that reveals as much about her own struggles to cope with her busy life as about the need to constantly reassess her relationship with her mother and her four siblings."

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Since the closure of Key Porter Books, copies of Enter Mourning are available through Ottawa publicist, Peter Moore. Payment is processed by Paypal. Email for quote that includes postage.

Enter Mourning

Buschkek Books is also distributing the book. Contact contact@buschekbooks.com for more information.

Enter Mourning may also be available through McNally Robinson, Chapters Indigo and Amazon, as supplies last.

Reviews and Honours

The Globe and Mail newspaper included Enter Mourning in its annual "100 of the Best Books" in 2009.

"When the child becomes the parent." Enter Mourning reviewed by Paula Todd in The Globe and Mail Saturday Books section on June 12, 2009. Read the review.

"Caring for aging Mom transforms dutiful daughter." Review by Judy Steed in The Toronto Star on May 16, 2009. Read the review.



Heather Menzies is available for speaking engagements on the themes of Enter Mourning: A Memoir on Death, Dementia and Coming Home as well as those of previous books.

Speech to the British Columbia Nurses' Union 2011 Annual General Meeting on May 4, 2011. Read speech.


“The entire audience at the Alzheimer Society of Ottawa and Renfrew County’s seminar “STOP The Rising Tide of Dementia” listened intently to Heather Menzies as she spoke about the social impact of dementia. The power of her presentation was drawn from her own personal perspective as a daughter whose mother had Alzheimer’s disease. She was brave in sharing the feelings of denial, resentment, and guilt that she had as barriers to action before facing the reality of what was happening to her mother so she could really be there for her mother. Heather was inspirational in encouraging families and those who work in dementia care to take action now in order to slow down and stop the crippling effect of Alzheimer’s disease on families. Boomer-aged children, the bulk of the caregivers already providing care to aging parents with Alzheimer’s disease, looks to be the ones to provide even more of the care as the demand for publicly funded services far outstrips the supply.”

- Kathy Wright, Executive Director, Alzheimer Society of Ottawa and Renfrew County

Heather Menzies speaks at End of Life Care of the Older Adult with Dementia event

Heather Menzies spoke at the 2nd annual End of Life Care of the Older Adult with Dementia even on May 6, 2010. The response was positive: 85% of attendees evaluated her speech as good to excellent. Comments included:

"My favourite talk; greatly appreciate the sharing of Heather's personal journey. Very powerful."

"Great spiritual speaker and great insight to view as of care to end of life scenaries."

"She really was excellent."

"A wonderful first hand look at dying gracefully."

"Good to have personal experiences about taking care of someone with dementia and how the health care staff could improve and how families can help."

"Personal story very powerful."

"Thank you for sharing."


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